Welcome to RoveSpier

A place where friends and artists creatively socialize...

Join in RoveSpier and Upload Video, Text, Audio and Pictures or Announce Gigs for people to watch, read, listen or attend all in one experience.
We are making RoveSpier a audiovisual experience for you to be able to share your art with the rest of the world, express artistic behaviour
in creative writing or a simple picture.
Thing about a place where one may be inspired by an audio, a text, a video or a picture that a Fellow Artist* suggested to him. An Rove as we at RoveSpier call it, a piece of Art http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Art that a Fellow Artist of a Fellow Artist has uploaded on his RoveSpier account.

Let your Fellow Artists Review your upload. Share an opinion that is, on the one you have uploaded. Or just Believe it.
So Welcome to RoveSpier.

You may also create Flows. A Flow on RoveSpier is a promotive -or not- page that you create for something, anything that interests you. A page for your favourite band or a page for your hometown or an official page for your store or businness. Anything that may grasp peoples enthusiasm.

After posting your Flow invite people to become fans, upload Press Releases with Text or Multimedia content (Audio, Video, Picture) for your Fans to know the latest News for your Flow.

How did the name came up?

While reading The Terror - Civil War in the French Revolution by David Andress, the author described Maximilien Robespierre http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robespierre a French politician and lawyer as a controversial figure of the French Revolution (1789-1799). As most artists are.

*All words in italic are indicating features on RoveSpier.com.

What is RoveSpier.com

RoveSpier.com is a social experience.
Search Friends and Artists. Invite people to become your Fellow Artists. Make new friends, check out the Artists and their Roves. Their audio, video, text and pictures that they have uploaded on RoveSpier. Suggest a Rove to your Fellow Aritsts. An upload that you think he or she will find inspirational.

RoveSpier.com is a place for Friends and Artists.
Share your Pictures and advertize your Gigs. Go on your Fellow Artist's On Stage page. Check out what he/she has uploaded, Believe them or write a Review. Check out their Flows.

RoveSpier.com helps you unleash you Talent
Find people and together create Projects Talk about Inspirations, Suggestions. Accept Reviews and constructive criticism.

RoveSpier is a bridge that connects friends and artists with the rest of the world.
A social utility website which can connect you with everybody you feel comfort and pretty much everything you may find interesting in audio, text, video and pictures.
Its a social experience that helps you discover whats going on with the world and -with your permission- helps the world explore your talent through your activities and actions that take place within the website.

Through RoveSpier you may express artistic behaviour
Upload your Roves for people to see. See the Reviews that your Fellow Artists left you. Let them help you become better from what you already are. Make friends from all over the world, entertain your family, colleagues or neighbours by sharing, discovering digital content (Text-Audio-Video-Picture) in the most fun way. Then communicate with each other, create Flows, promote staff using RoveSpier for the whole world to see in moments with the most efficient and direct way there is.
*All words in italic are indicating features on RoveSpier.com

Who may join Rovespier.com

Anyone can join RoveSpier.com.
Sign up and become a member of RoveSpier.com. It's free, easy to use. A place where friends and artists creatively socialize...

Use your email address to invite people
Sign up with your email address, go to the settings page set your profile photo, write down your Creative Behaviour select your Country.
Import your Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! contacts to see who is on RoveSpier.com. Find people from all over the world and open your horizons.

Use the Artist Finder to find the people you want
With RoveSpier's Artist Finder you may search for your friends or any artist you want to find.

Everyone is an Artist.
This is our main principle. And by that we don't mean that every single person on this planet - more than 6 billion of us that is- can become an acclaimed Artist and make tons of money and become as famous as Harry Potter. No, we don't mean that.
BUT everybody -all 6 billions of us- can express artistic behaviour and open the door to Art. For Art -as we like to say- calms your soul and strengthens your spirit. So, It doesn't matter if your latest book didn't sell so good, or if your poems aren't publishing material. Or even if you haven't published anything at all. RoveSpier.com isn't going to charge you anything or make you sign any type of contract. On the contrary, we allow you to use our platform for only one purpose, to Show, Envolve or Help others with their Art.
*All words in italic are indicating features on RoveSpier.com