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Why would I become a member of RoveSpier a.k.a. a RoveSpirian?

Why Wouldn't you? We say. Everyone who is anyone could be a member of RoveSpier. Even acclaimed Artists are on RoveSpier*. (Although they may use nicknames for their own privacy.)
RoveSpier is a worldwide social media network where friends and Artists can socialize creatively, share their News and explore great entertainment through Art. You may upload Audio-Video-Text-Pictures, write on your own and other members' Profiles and a whole ton of other stuff too, whitch you problably have seen to other social utility sites.

So, Why Use RoveSpier, if it's like other social utility sites?

RoveSpier hopes to give people from all over the world the opportunity to unleash their talent. Sure, we i'd like our users to use RoveSpier to communicate with messages with their Fellow Artists in order to talk about their Art.

Useful Tips

When you use your profile on RoveSpier, you will be subject to RoveSpier's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

If you want to share your profile with the rest of the world, making it public is very simple!

Every profile on RoveSpier is private by default. If you are under the age of 21, RoveSpier strongly recommend keeping your profile private.

If you are having problems remembering your password then here are two things that you need to know:
1. When you sign in, consider ticking the box called Remember Me. This will save you having to sign-in next time you visit RoveSpier on the same computer. Only use this option if you are on a private computer, rather than one shared with other people, or someone could log on in your name and replace your photo making you mad the next you visit
2. You may wish to change your password to one you find easier to remember. Once signed in you can change your password at any time by clicking on the Setiings icon, then Change Password.

You can edit your profile by doing the following:
1. Click here to sign into RoveSpier with your email address and password.
2. Once signed in, click the Profile tab located on the top menu bar.
3. Click the 'Edit Profile' link located under your profile photo.
4. Make the changes you wish to your details, and then click the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page.

Here is how to make friends on RoveSpier. Just follow these steps:
1. Click here to sign into RoveSpier with your email address or username and password.
2.Once signed in, click the Fellow Artists tab on the top menu bar.
Click the Add Fellow Artists link.

To add a friend without using email:
On the menu bar of RoveSpier you will see the Artist Finder, search for the profile of the person you wish to add by name.
Under their profile photo, click Add as Fellow Artist. They will be notified of your request, and if they accept you, they will be listed under your Fellow Artists

You will be emailed by us only to verify your email address at the start of your RoveSpier journey. After you Sign Up that is.

To delete a member from your Fellow Artist list follow these instructions:
1. Click here to sign into RoveSpier with your email address and password.
2. Click the Fellow Artists tab located on the top menu bar.
3. Find the contact you wish to delete.
4. Click on the Delete Fellow Artist link next to their profile photo. This is a delete option.
5. Click the Delete button to confirm your selection.
Deleting a member from your Fellow Artist's list will immediately delete your information from that member's Fellow Artists's list and address book as well as your own.

To report abuse first navigate to the profile page of the person you wish to report, then click the link Report Abuse located below their profile photo.
To flag a specific photo, video, text or audio content to RoveSpier staff, simply click the link Report Abuse located below the content. When a RoveSpier member is reported, RoveSpier does not disclose details of the member who reported them.
RoveSpier promptly review all reports of abuse, issue conduct warnings and cancel the membership of anyone found violating the member conduct policies. The company is unable to enter into discussions and will not get directly involved in disputes between members. The user being reported does not find out who reported them.

You can block/un-block a person from contacting you or posting to your profile page by following these steps:
Navigate to the profile of the person you wish to block/un-block. You can do this by clicking on their username or photo on your profile.
Under their profile photo, click the link Block.
Click the button Block This Member or Un-block This Member.
Your profile does remain visible to users you have blocked although you can stop them viewing your photos by editing individual photo albums.

By editing your photo albums you can control who can see individual photo albums and choose whether to allow others to copy photos from individual photo albums. To edit a photo album, please follow these steps:
1. Click here to sign into RoveSpier with your email address and password.
2. On your Profile page click the Photos tab.
3. Click the Photo Album you wish to edit.
4. Click the Edit Album link located above the photos displayed.
5. You can now edit the album.

To delete a photo comment posted to one of your photos:
1. Click on the photo album containing the relevant photo.
2. Click on the photo you want to delete a comment from then click the link Delete located below the comment.

To delete a comment posted to your profile page:
Go to the comments section on your profile page
Click the link View All and then click the link Delete located next to the comment you wish to delete.

If you have read the Help section and were unable to find an answer to your question then please Contact Us and we will be happy to assist.