Everybody is an Artist...
Rovespier is Media. On Rovespier you may Listen, Read or Watch Media from all over the world. Or you may upload your Media and be No1 on the Top 30!
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It's a social experience.
Search Friends and Artists. Invite people to become your Fellow Artists. Make new friends, check out the Artists and their Media. Their audio, video, text and pictures that they have uploaded on RoveSpier. Suggest a Media to your Fellow Aritsts. An upload that you think he or she will find inspirational.
It's a place for all people who want to express their artistic behaviour.
Record your Video and instantly share it on Rovespier. You may do that with an Audio, Text or Picture. We strongly advise you that: By using this you may discover a talent... or Just have fun!

Anyone can Join.
Sign up and become a member of RoveSpier.com. It's free, easy to use. Go to a person's profile page and see what their shared with the rest of the world. Rank their media. Check out their Flows aka Groups. A place where friends or artists creatively socialize...
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